Current CrossFit Aevitas Promotions and Discounts

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6-Week Fitness Launchpad

Sign-up 2 friends and we’ll give you each a free month! Discount Code: DOUBLEBUDDIES

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Friends and Family

So you’ve got this friend who goes to CrossFit and will. not. shut. up. about it! Just to humor them, you’ve decided to give this functional fitness thing a shot. Well, you’re in luck! Let us know that you were referred to us by a current CrossFit Aevitas member. Not only will YOU receive a 20% discount, but THEY will receive the same 20% off their next month’s CrossFit membership!

Want to become part of the Aevitas Family? Contact us Now, and make sure to mention who referred you!

Military, Service and Student Discount

Active members of the Military, Police, Fire, EMS personnel, and full-time students receive 20% off memberships at CrossFit Aevitas. Valid for Aevtias Boot Camp (ABC) and Unlimited CrossFit memberships. Not available for Aevitas Kids, Weightlifting, or Yoga.

Are you an active military or service personnel? Or are you a full-time student? Contact us Now and let us know, so we can get you started with a 20% discount!